Iris the MGA

My name is Iris. And this is my story.

They say I was born in a place called Abingdon and then transported in a large metal vehicle that floated across the sea. They sold me, just like many of my owners have done since. Apparently, I was of great importance for the economic recovery of the Kingdom after the Second Great War. But I could be wrong. I’m having trouble remembering these days. The first place I can clearly recall, was an old barn.

San Diego, California – 1972

What is it with two-legged beings and their cramped spaces? Can’t they just live outside like other legged creatures? Or at least leave space for a turning circle. They had parked me in what seemed to be an old barn, but it felt more like a prison. Inside it was dark and muggy. I could hardly move, let alone breathe. The barn smelled of manure, oil and dust. I never liked being inside. It dries my rubbers.

Daylight started to peek through tiny cracks in the walls and made the ceiling look like a night sky full of stars. Strange tools hanging from the walls and ceiling casted long shadows across the floor. I could hear the sound of birds waking and became aware of other noises; Cows entering the fields; A bellowing tractor in the distance. Suddenly I heard a strange noise.

It was coming from behind me, at the back of the barn. Something was trying to get inside! The old wooden door squeaked as it was pushed open and more sunlight flooded inside. Two dark figures stood in the door opening. One large male two-leg and beside him, a smaller female. The carefully entered the barn and walked towards me. The smaller two-leg started to speak.

‘Dad, look over there. What is it?’ Sarah asked her father. ‘I’m not sure. It looks like a car. Let’s check it out.’ her father answered. They were excited. I could tell from the sound of their hearts pounding. Sarah took a deep breath. A shudder ran through my chassis as she blew away the dust and leaves that had been collecting on my rear bonnet. Had they come to save me from this prison?

My nerves rose as they gently removed the old dirty sheets that had been covering me for years. Finally, I could see again. ‘Oh god, I must look awfully rusty’, I thought. ‘What a beautiful car!’ Sarah yelled with excitement. She opened my door and sat in de drivers’ seat, gently turning my wheel. ‘Let’s see if she still drives.’

And so it came to be. They rescued me from my muggy prison and took me to their home. Where a new chapter of my life would begin.